Power Dome Playset

Contents - Voice changing play Dome, Bike, 3 missiles, computer, missile firing weapon and 2 stands, control centre, Alpha action figure, Cardboard background showing a desert scene, Instructions, box and insert.

Micro Playsets

There were 3 mini playsets released in this season - Pink, Red and White Rangers.
  • The Pink Playset came with the Pink Ranger, Invenusable Flytrap and the pink zord - Firebird.
  • The Red Plaset came with the Red Ranger, Lord Zedd and the red zord - Red Dragon in warrior mode.
  • The White Playset came with the White Ranger, Goldar and the white Tigerzord.


Saba Sword

3 different electronic sounds and the Tiger opens his mouth with 2 of the 3 buttons.

White Tiger firing Saba Sword

Use the button on the Saba Sword to fire the White Tigerzord across the room! Made by Empire in 1994 (rather than the normal Bandai).

Power Cannon
(pictures to follow)

Small Saba Sword

This is a small and cheap looking Saba Sword with spring loaded extended blade and working tiger mouth. This was made by Yutaka and was licenced by Bandai. It originally came with a cheap White Ranger which was less articulated than the normal Bandai Versions.


Thunder Bikes

Five colours of Thunder bike - 1 Red, 2 Pink, 3 Black, 4 Yellow, 5 Blue. Each bike came with a figure and weapon.

Revvin' Thunder Bikes

6 Colours - Black, Red, Blue, White, Pink & Yellow. These small scale motorbikes featured a friction drive rear wheel.


Money Box

Bubble Bath Bottle!

Power Rangers Battle Spinners (similar to the Bayblade toys)