Dinozord Megazord Deluxe

Contents = 5 zords (Triceratops, Sabretooth Tiger, Mastodon, Tyrannosaurus, Pterodactyl), Power Sword, Power Cannons, Instructions, Box and Insert. Nb The Triceratops has 2 horns and a silver tail peice. The Mastodon head (which doubles as a shield has 2 tusks and a trunck).
Features = Transforms from 5 individual Dinozords into Dinozord Megazord Mode or into the Attack Tank Mode. Combines with the Dragonzord to form the Mega Dragonzord. Can also be combined with the Dragonzord and Titanus Megazord to form the Ultrazord.

Dragonzord Megazord Deluxe

Contents = Main Body, 8" Green Ranger with weapon and shield, Tail, Missile Launching Chest Plate, Power Drill Stand, Power Drill Base, Power Drill Attachment, Stomach Guard, Instructions, Box and insert.
Features = The Missile Launching Chest Plate has electronic lights and sounds. Can combine with the deluxe Dinozord to form either the Mega-Dragonzord or the "Other Fighting Mode". The Chest Plate combines with the Power Drill Attachments to form the Power Laser Drill. The Dragonzord, Dinozord and Titanus all combine to form the Ultrazord.

Mega Dragon Zord

This is a combination of the Dragonzord and the Dinozord. The bottom picture shows the "Other Fighting Mode".

Titanus Megazord Deluxe

Contents = Main Body, Head, Chest Armour Shield, Power Claws (Front Feet), Tail / Side Power Cannons, Control Reins (Chain), 2 Harness (Sledges), Instructions, Box and Insert.
Features = Has 2 modes - Carrier Mode (with Tail) and Attack Mode (where the tail becomes the Side Power Cannons). Has electronic sounds and movement. The back armour shield opens to house the Mega-Dragonzord to form the Ultrazord. In fact there are 6 combinations of Titanus, Dragonzord and Dinozord including a version where Titanus can pull the Dinozord in Attack Tank Mode by the chains provided.


These are the 6 different combinations of the Ultrazord, the combination of Dinozord, Dragonzord and Titanus. Nb Picture 1 shows the Mega Dragonzord with the extra Titanus parts, which is combined with titanus in picture 2.

9" Dinozord Megazord

Contents = Main Body, Triceratops Zord, Sabretooth Tiger Zord, 4 Fists, Power Sword, Mastodon head shield, 2 Cannons, Instructions, box and insert.
Features = This is a much smaller version of the Deluxe Dinozord. The Sabretooth tiger and the Triceratops are removable, the rest can be wheeled along on its back. It has missile firing fists.

Walking Dinozord Megazord

This is a electonic moving version of the Dinozord and has electronic sounds.

Special Edition Dinozord Megazord Deluxe

This is a recoloured version of the Deluxe Dinozord. It is the same as the orginal coloured version except the plastic is Black, Red and Gold and has slightly different design of stickers (these are also black and gold).