Power Blaster

5 individual weapons - Red Sword, Black Axe, Pink Bow, Yellow Daggers and Blue Lance - combine to form the Power Blaster.

Blade Blaster and Morpher

This set is made up of the Power Gun / Sword and the Power Morpher.
  • The Power Gun / Sword features electronic lights and sounds. The Power Gun morphs into the Power Sword. The Power Sword has interlocking handles and a safety-tip sword blade.
  • The Power Morpher has electronic lights and sounds and came with 5 different Power coins - Masterdon, Sabretooth Tiger,  Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus and Pterodactly. Nb The Sabretooth Tiger coin shown is from the movie edition toys (series 3) and has a yellow gold colour rather than the standard gold colour. The top picture also has 2 movie edition Power Coins (Black and Red).

Draggon Dagger

This is the Green Rangers weapon and features 4 electronic sounds

Green Power Gun / Sword

This is a cheaper / smaller green version of the Power Sword / Gun. It doesn't have any electronic lights or sounds. It can morph from Gun into Sword and does have a extentable safety tip blade (not shown). I have heard that it is a water pistol, but my one appears not to be.

 Battle Bikes

3 Colours of Battle Bike - Black Masterdon, Blue Triceratops and Red Tyrannosaurus. Black and Blue came with a side car and the Red came with a Side Power Cannon. The US version came with a 4.5" action figure & weapon (the EU / UK version only included the motor bike and side car).


Hot Shot Power Cycle - Spin the wheels up and let him go!

Mighty Morphin Series 1 Party Favour Set featuring 4 Dinozords

Special Edition Dinozord Megazord Micro Machine. Measuring approx 1" tall and has a sprung loaded arm.

Micro Machines showing the Ranger Collection #1 to 5 and the Megazord Collection #1 to #3

Black Play Helmet Playset.  Comes with the Mastodon zord and Black Ranger figure. Also available was the Red Helmet.

Megazord Water Pistol

Red Ranger Electronic Pager

Power Rangers 3D viewer

Pink Ranger Electronic Morpher