Space Aliens
5.5" Evil Space Aliens

Air-pumping Cannon Rito Revolto

Rapid Fire Steamy Meanie

Dual Attack Slotsky

Spinning Head Attack Master Vile

Flap Attack Vampyrus

Slicing Action Erik the Barbaric (far left)

5.5" Movie Evil Space Alien Baddies

Ivan Ooze

Lord Zedd

(pictures to follow)
Tengu & Mordant

8" Evil Space Aliens

Merrick the Barbaric (far left)

(pictures to follow)
Calcifire, Master Vile, Silent Knight,  Hornitor, Scorpitron

8" Talking Alien

Lord Zedd

8" Movie Evil Space Aliens

(pictures to follow)
Ivan Ooze, Hornitor, Scorpitron

4.5" Bendy Figure

On the left foot it says - 'TM & C 1995 Saban, Gordy Toy, Made in China'