Micro Playsets

There were 3 mini playsets released in this season - Yellow, Black and Blue Rangers.
  • The Yellow Playset came with the Yellow Ranger, Master Vile and the Bear Ninjazord.
  • The Black Plaset came with the Black Ranger, Baddie and the Frog Ninjazord.
  • The Blue Playset came with the Blue Ranger, Baddie (possibly Merirck the Barbaric) and the Wolf Ninjazord.


Shark Cycles

Six colours of Thunder Bike - White, Pink, Black, Yellow, Red and Blue. Each bike came with a figure and weapon. The tail of each bike is reverseable.

McDonalds Toys

Others that were available, but not pictured here were the Blue Ranger & Wolf, White Ranger and Falcon, and Red Ranger and Ape.


These fighting top spinners are very similar to the current bay blade range of toys.

Power Rangers the Movie Trading Cards