Micro Zeo Zord Playsets

5 Individual Playsets  - I Pink (Right Leg), II Yellow (Left Leg), III Blue (Arms, Chest & Sword), IV Green (Waist), and V Red (Back and Head). These combine into the complete Zeo Zord Playset. The 1st and 2nd pictures shows a more or less complete set. The bottom 3 pictures shows a complete Red set. This complete Zeo Zord playset and the Red Battlezord playset combine into the Micro Zeo Mega Battlezord.

Micro Red Battlezord Playset

The picture on the bottom show the complete set.

Weapons and Morphers

7-in-1 Zeo Blaster Set

7 individual weapons (Pink Shield, Yellow double clubs, Blue Axes, Green Hatchets & Red Sword) combine to form the Zeo blaster.

Golden Power Staff

Has electronic lights and sounds.

Zeo Cannon
(pictures to follow)


Has electronic lights and sounds. The Zeoniser crystal is removable. As in the TV show these are used by crossing the wrists and touching the mechanisms together.

The Gold Rangers Zeonizer

This morpher is the same as the Standard version, but comes in a Gold and Silver body.


Zeo Jet Cycle

I Pink, II Yellow, III Blue, IV Green, V Red, and the Gold Ranger. Each bike came with a 4.5" Ranger and Zeo Laser Pistol & Blade  (or Golden Power Staff in case of the Gold Ranger).