5" Key Double Action Turbo Rangers

6 Rangers - Each came with their individual Turbo Power Weapons, a Turbo Sword and a Key (Green example shown in the bottom picture). Each has a 2 action features that is activated by the key (although you don't actually need the key to activite the features).
  • Quick Draw Action Blue Senturion
  • Rapid Turbo Fire Green Ranger
  • Two Sword Swinging Actions Red Ranger
  • Right and Left Aiming Action Blue Ranger
  • Lifts and Swings Power Weapons Yellow Ranger
  • Raises and twirls Power Bow Pink Ranger

5" Triple Action Turbo Rangers

5 Rangers - with Head and Chest morphin action. They also have Auto Blaster aiming action. Each came with a Turbo sword and a Turbo Blaster.

5" Turbo Shifters

6 Rangers - Each with two action features. Each Ranger came with between 2 and 4 weapons - Mostly a Turbo Blaster, Turbo Sword plus unique weapons.
  • Grapple Hooks Shoot, Turbo Ranger Slides, Yellow Ranger
  • Head and Cannon Take Aim, Cannon Fires, Green Ranger
  • Karate Kick and Chop Action, Break Away Wall, Pink Ranger
  • Stand and Defend Action, Weapon Thrust Action, Blue Ranger
  • Arms Open, Blade Spin, Red Ranger
  • Moving Chest Plates, Fold Out Armour, Phantom Ranger

8" Repeat Action Turbo Rangers

7 Rangers - Using the dial on the back wind the mechanism up, and then press the button on the back for repeating action. They all came with a Turbo Sword, and some with a Turbo Blaster. The Senturion also came with a Senturion Synergizer.
  • Punching Action Blue
  • Chopping Action Green
  • Punching Action Red
  • Quick Aim Action Senturion
  • Quick Aim Action Phantom Ranger
  • Chopping Action Yellow
  • Punching Action Pink