Deluxe Turbo Megazord

Contents = 5 turbo zords - , Wind Chaser, Red Lightning, Desert Thunder, Dune Star, Mountain Blaster,  Sword, Shield (picture to follow), Instructions, box and insert.
Features = 5 Vehicles Morph to make the Deluxe Turbo Megazord. The arms (Wind Chaser) and legs (Desert Thunder & Dune Star) can combine with the body and head of the Deluxe Double Morphin Rescue Megazord.

Deluxe Double Morphin Rescue Megazord

Contents = 5 Rescue Zords ( 1 Lightning Fire Tamer, 2 Siren Blaster, 3 Thunder Loader, 4 Star Racer and 5 Wind Rescue), 2 x Pistols, Instructions, box and insert.
Features = 5 Rescue Zords combine into the Deluxe Rescue Megazord. Each Vehicle also morphs into a Rescue Zord.

Deluxe Robo Racer

Contents = Robo Racer Megazord, Clear Red Plastic Shield, Pistol, Instruction, Box and Insert.
Features = Electronic Lights and Sound. Morphs from Robo Mode to Patrol Car Mode.

Deluxe Artillatron, The Turbo Transport

(pictures to follow)
Holds all Megazord Vehicles. Morphs from Battle mode to Transport Mode

5" Action Feature Turbo Zords

Rolls and Stands Up Rescue Megazord

Turbo Spinning Drill Action Turbo Megazord

Raises Arm and Shoots Robo Racer

See the Inside Construction X-Ray Turbo Megazord

(pictures to follow)
Reconstruction Action Artillatron the Turbo Transport
See the Inside Construction X-Ray Robo Racer