Micro Divatox's Subcraft Playset

Contents = Submarine with control tower and various other nautical parts, Divatrox, 3x Putra Pods and possibly Maligore.

Micro Turbo Megazord Playset

Contents = Turbo Megazord base (that fits together in 3 different ways) with various guns and antenna, 6 micro rangers, red and blue carts, and 2 ramps.

Turbo Rangers Garage Playset
(pictures to follow)

Weapons & Morphers

Deluxe Turbo R.A.M. (Robotic Arsenal Mobiliser)

5 weapons (Pink Wind Fire, Green Thunder Cannon, Yellow Star Charges, Blue Hand Blasters and Red Lightening Sword) morph into Formula Mode (Top picture) or Turbo R.A.M. mode (2nd Picture).

Auto Blaster & Turbo Blade

The Auto Blaster (shown) has electronic lights and sounds. It also morphs from normal mode (top) into the power-up expanded mode (bottom).

Senturion Synergizer

The senturion Synergizer features electronic lights and sounds, it also has the ability to record and playback your own voice. It morphs from communicator into a gun and then into a sword.

Turbo Morpher

2 peice morpher with secret activation key! Connect the morpher and key forlights and sounds.

Turbo Navigator
(pictures to follow)


Turbo Carts

5 Coloured Turbo Carts - 1 Red, 2 Blue, 3 Green, 4 Yellow and 5 Pink. Each came with one 4" Power Ranger action figure, Auto Blaster & Turbo Blade weapons, and an unique cart accessory. The Pink and Yellow rangers came with a skirt.

Deluxe Blue Senturion and Senturion Cycle

Contents = 4" Blue Senturion Action figure, Senturion Cycle and the Senturion synergizer in all 3 modes.

Deluxe Lightning Cruiser

The Deluxe Lightening Cruiser morphs from Cruising mode (top) into Flight Mode (bottom). The set came with a red 4" Turbo Action figure with a metalised paint finish.

Deluxe Storm Blaster

The deluxe storm blaster features a extentable magnet that is used inconjuction with the Deluxe Turbine Laser vehicle. The set came with a blue 4" Turbo Action figure with a metalised paint finish. The pictures shows an incomplete example.

Real Metal Turbo Vehicles

5 different diecast metal cars were released. Shown here are - Lightening Cruiser, Storm Blaster, Red Lightening and Robo Racer. Not shown is Mountain Blaster.

Mini Turbo R.A.M

This mini version of the Turbo Ram has all the features of the Deluxe Version. It looks like the individual weapons are suitable for the 8" Repeat Action figures to hold.

Deluxe Turbine Laser

This deluxe turbine laser vehicle features electronic sound and motion. It has engine revving, turbine spinning action. It also morphs into Laser Mode.

Turbo Charged Turbo Zords

Mountain Blaster and Red Lightening

(pictures to follow)
Desert Thunder and Wind Chaser
Robo Racer and Dune Star