Astro Delta Megazord

The contents include Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, Baddies - Manta Menace & Power Driller, 5 vehicles including the Megatank + many other accessories not shown here. The main mode can also morph into many different combinations, 2 of which are shown here.

Mega Voyager
(pictures to follow)

Weapons and Morphers

Astro Morpher

Features many different electronic sounds and light combinations via the use of 3 digit codes - 335, 269, 761, 108, 541. At the press of 912 you can play a memory game on it. Please note that the strap colour should be black and not the grey colour shown here.

Bootleg Astro Morpher

This cheap bootleg shares the same basic shape as the original, but doesn't feature the clever electronics. It just plays 2 different sounds.

Digimorpher, Battlizer, Astro Blaster, Quadroblaster, Super Silverizer
(pictures to follow)


Galaxy Gliders

5 Coloured Galaxy Gliders - Yellow, Blue, Red, Black and Pink. Each set came with a Galaxy Glider, 4" Action figure with a weapon. Pull the Galaxy Glider backwards and let go for moving action.

Deluxe Galaxy Cycles

6 Coloured Galaxy Gliders - Silver, Yellow, Blue, Red, Black and Pink. Each set came with a Deluxe Galaxy Cycle, 4" Action figure with a weapon. The Galaxy Cycle morphs from Motorcycle mode to Glider Mode.

Galatic Rovers
(pictures to follow)

Trading Cards