Deluxe Galaxy Megazord

Contents = 5 Zords - Gorilla, Condor, Wildcat, Wolf & Lion. 2 fists, horns, Saber Sword, Instructinons, box and Insert.
Features = 5 Galactazords combine into the Galaxy Megazord. The megazord can be configured into the Galaxy Megazord with Saber Mode (top picture) or into the Condor Missile Mode (2nd picture). The spare fists (when split into the individual zords) are stored in the Gorillas feet. The Contor wings flap if you tug the tail.

Deluxe Stratoforce Megazords

Contents = 5 Zords - S1 to S5 (the pictures of the individual zords above are in S1 to S5 order), Helmet, 2 Fists, Boomerang weapon, Instructions, box and insert.
Features = 5 Zords combine to form the Stratoforce megazord. The fists have a missile firing action. The fists are also reversable and form the rocket engines for the S1 zord.

Deluxe Centaurus Megazord

Contents = 5 Zords ( C1 to C5 - the pictures are in order), helmet, many weapon parts (all the parts are shown above), instructions, box and insert.
Features = The 5 individual zords combine to form the Centaurus Megazord. The weapon comes apart to form various parts of each zord.

Deluxe Defender Torozord

Contents = Torozord, Magna Defender, 2 x Megna Defender Lances (not shown), Instructions, box and insert.
Features = The Tororzord and Magna Defender combine to form the Deluxe Defender Torozord. The Magna Defender can ride the Torozord. The Magna Defenders body is made out of diecast metal.

Deluxe Zenith Carrierzord

(pictures to follow)

Deluxe Charging Galaxy Megazord

(pictures to follow)

Deluxe Super Galactic Megazord
(Super Zeo Megazord)

Deluxe Astro Galactic Megazord
(Black & Gold Astro Megazord)

(pictures to follow)

Standard Action Zords

Galaxy Megazord

Contents = Main Body, Sword, Condor, Instructions, box and insert.
Features = This standard sized megazord features more articulation than the Deluxe version but doesn't come fully apart. The condor can be used as a weapon, or can be installed on the back of the megazord.

Defender Torozord

(Bad example!)

5.5" Action Zords

Galaxy Megazord

Centaurus Megazord

Stratoforce Megazord


Defender Torozord

(pictures to follow)
Astro Megaship, Mega Winger