Galaxy Megazord

= Galaxy megazord Head / Base, Green and Pink Rangers, Galaxy Megazord and Barbarax Baddie plus various small accessory peices.

Galaxy Power Ranger

Contents = Galaxy Power Ranger Head / Base, Red and Yellow Rangers, Space Buccaner Baddie plus various small accessory peices.

Zenith Carrierzord & Centaurus Megazord
(pictures to follow)

Weapons and Morphers


Morpher response buttons activate flashing lights and 7 different sounds

(i.e. twist the dial, and press the triangle button).

Magna Defender Morpher

Connect the morphers to activate lights and sounds.

Galaxy Morpher

2 peice morpher with secret activation key! Connect the morpher and key forlights and sounds. This morpher is the same as the Turbo Morpher, but it has different stickers.

Galaxy Blaster, Transdagger, Quasar Saber, Galaxy Navigator
Quasar Launcher, Magna Blaster

(pictures to follow)


Astro Cycles

4 Motorbikes - Red, Green and Blue + Magna Defender. Each came with removable armour and an articulated action figure. The armour could be installed on either the motorbike or onto the Power Ranger figure. Obviously these pictures are lacking the armour and action figure.

Jet Jammers

6 vehicles - 5 Rangers + Manga Defender. Each came with 2 firing missiles (show) and an action figure with a weapon. The Green Ranger is shown holding his weapon.

Capsular Cycles

4 Motorbikes - Red, Green and Blue + Magna Defender. The capsular cycle has an opening cockpit where a 5" articulated figure can be positioned. The cycle came with 2 firing missiles.

Galactic Speeders

4 Speeders - Red, Green and Blue + Magna Defender. The speeder breaks into 2 vehicles at the press of a button. A ranger can be fitted into each vehicle. The Vehicle features projectile missile firing action. The set came with a 5.5" action figure of the type shown. The example above is incomplete (the roof is missing from the rear vehicle).

Magna Rotator
(pictures to follow)


Electronic Hand Held Games