5" Time Force Power Rangers

Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, Quantum, Cyclobot and Frax.
The Rangers came with a V weapon and a Chrono Sabre, or in the case of Quantum Ranger the Quantum Defender weapon. The V weapons can be combined to create the Vortex Blaster.
(Pictures of Cyclobot and Frax to follow)

5" TF Fighter Power Rangers

(pictures to follow)
Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green and Quantum

5" Deluxe Mega Battle Power Rangers

Red, Blue, Green and Quantum.
Each came with numerous detachable amour peices that can combine to create a Roller Vehicle. Extra weapons were also included.
(More pictures to follow).

5" Battle Warrior Power Rangers

Red, Blue and Green Rangers.
Each came with snap on amour that could be combined to create a Mega Weapon.
(More pictures to follow)

12" Ultra Power Talking Power Rangers

Red, Blue, Green and Quantum,
Each could speak 3 phases from the TV series. Has detachable helmet and the faces were modelled on the actors faces. Comes with Chrono Sabre.
(More Pictures to follow)

5" Auto Morphin Power Rangers - UK only

Red, Blue and Green Rangers.
Each features a sqeeze-leg Auto-Morphin action. They came with a Chrono Sabre Weapon.