Deluxe Time Force Megazord

Contents: 5 Time flyers (named Time Flyer 1 thru 5 - shown above in order), Sword (made from 5 parts - Large Blade, 2 Small Blades, Base and Back Cover), Wings (partially diecast metal and help form the Chrono Shield), Time Flyer 4 and 5 Shields (that also help form the Chrono Shield), Time Flyer 1 Cockpit windscreen, Instruction, Box and Insert.
Features: The 5 individual Time Flyers can morph into 3 modes - Mode Blue (1st set of pictures above), Mode Red (2nd Set of pictures above) and Jet Mode (3rd set of pictures above). Individually each time flyer can hold a 2.5cm figure (available from the playsets). The 2 shields can be attached to the bottom of the Jet Mode to form the Ground Travel Mode. This megazord features many diecast metal parts. The mode Blue and mode Red megazords can be combined with the Deluxe Time Shadow Megazord to form either the Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Blue or Red.

Deluxe Time Shadow Megazord

Contents: Time Shadow Megazord, Double edge blade (2 parts, although only one is shown), Large transformable weapon, googles for deluxe shadow force megazord (mode blue or red), instructions, box and insert.
Features: Transforms from megazord robot mode into the Shadow winger spaceship mode. The large weapon can be attached. The double edged blade can be stored in the legs/feet. Combines with the Deluxe Time Force Megazord to form either the Deluxe Shadow Force Megazord mode Blue or Mode Red.

Deluxe Shadow Force Megazord Mode Blue & Mode Red

Mode Blue

Mode Red

Deluxe Quantasautus Rex Megazord

(pictures to follow)

Standard Zords

Shadow Force Megazord - Mode Red

Contents:  Time Force Megazord, Time Shadow Megazord (made up of 7 parts), 2 missiles, Shadow Force Weapon, Instructions, Box and inserts.
Features: Transforms from The Shadow Force Megazord Mode red into the Time Force Megazord and Time Shadow Megazord. Has Firing Missiles.

Missile Firing Quantasautus Rex Megazord

Contents: Main Body, Chest peice/Head Tail, Arms x2,  Missiles, Instructions, Box and Insert.
Features: Transforms from Megazord Mode into Q-Rex Mode. Has Firing Missiles.

(pictures to follow)
Time Force Megazord Mode Blue

Time Force Megazord Mode Red

5" Action Zords

Transwarp Megazord

Time Force Megazord Mode Red

Missle Firing Quantasautus Rex Megazord

Staff Whirling Time Shadow Megazord

Time Force Megazord Mode Blue