Power Rangers 15 year anniversary Party - London V&A Muesum of Childhood - Nov 2007

2008 marks Power Rangers 15 yr anniversary in the UK. Bandai, Jetix and Disney decided to kick off the celebrations with a children's party. Held in the V&A museum of Childhood in London the venue proved to be an ideal place to welcome in 15yrs of Power Rangers - Bandai's most successful line of boys toys. To help publicise the celebration a press shot was arranged entitled 'The Power Ranger Terracotta Army" it showed approx 700 action figures (half of which came from my collection) and many megazords. This  picture featured in many of the UK's newspapers.

Guest were either specially invited or competition winners. The day was aimed for the kids to enjoy a Power Rangers packed time. Events included face painting, Operation Overdrive Limo, Special screenings, Celebrity guests (David Seaman, Patsy Palmer, Jady Goody + others) and playable versions of the Power Rangers computer game (which was unreleased at the time).

The retro room had a few vintage Power Ranger and Super Sentai toys in display cabinets (once again these were from my collection). My son and I were on hand to answer questions on Power Rangers and to talk about the toys. It was also the first chance for the public to view the Bandai UK Operation Overdrive line of toys. The kids could also have their picture taken with a Ranger or two.

One of the things that the kids really enjoyed was the chance to meet with 4 different real life Power Rangers - Wild Force White & Blue, Dino Thunder Yellow and Operation Overdrive Red.

At the end of the day everyone sang happy birthday to the Power Rangers (and embarrassingly me as the party happen to fall on my birthday). We were sent home holding good bags containing, birthday cake, a theme tune CD, Mystic Force action figure and a copy of the current Jetix Magazine. Everyone had a great time and found the Bandai, Jetix, Disney and PR agency staff to be extremely friendly and helpful.

Thanks for a memorable day!