London Toy Fair Jan 2008 - Bandai UK's Stand

In Jan 2008 I was luck enough to attend the London Toy Fair. This is an industry get together where the latest and future products are shown, business links and made and maintained, bulk sales are made and buyers get to see all their suppliers in one place.

I was quite surprised to see many of the stands shut off to most people, only being allowed on by invitation or politeness. Having said that I found the Bandai UK stand had a great friendly atmosphere to it and all were made to feel welcome.

Walking onto the stand you were welcomed to a large Operation Overdrive section, leading into Ben 10, finally Pokemon, and a few others notably a tamagotchi like battling collecting electronic game thats going to be massive.

A selection of Operation Overdrive toys were on display, megazords, figures, morphers and weapons. Including a couple that will be released much later in the year.

Walking round the stand you were confronted with a wall of almost life sized Rangers from every series - quite impressive.

Opposite the displayed toys there was a complete selection of Bandai UK packaged toys to check out.

All of this lead onto the equally impressive Ben 10 section where once again toys were shown in and out of the packaging. Many of them have yet to been seen in the shops (mainly as the sell as soon as they hit the shelves).

Finally I would like to say many thanks to Bandai for their good humour, friendliness and lunch!

The following are a few pictures of their display.

There were a couple of other notable stands at the show. The forthcoming Dr.Who figures on the Character stand were most impressive, although I had to sign a contract stating I wouldn't take pictures or say what it in the pipe line, I will say you'll enjoy the new season of figures.

Another notable addition to the show was MW Uk Limited - the UK importers of the highly fun Stikfas series of figures. Designed to be customised, modified and generally mucked about with these are a great product line. Whilst the stand was small, they were a good bunch of people and deserve to do well with this range. You can check them out here - Stikfas